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Bay Area Video Producer

Dec '15 | Bay Area Video Producer Attains MFA in Writing

Writing has always been part of my job. As a film producer in Los Angeles, if I wasn’t playing therapist to the creatives, or entertaining potential investors, you’d find me in front of my computer writing business plans, motivational emails,... Read More

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Jul '14 | Shapeways Video Series: Educational Yet Inspiring

San Francisco Video Production Company Spends Time in New York City Have you ever wondered what happens between the time you upload your design to Shapeways and the time it magically appears at your door?  Well, the design community behind 3D... Read More

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Jul '14 | Atlanta, San Diego, LA, San Fran, Oh My!

Board Prospects takes us behind the scenes of board service. BoardProspects believes that an educated board member is a valuable board member. With the video production expertise of Patina Pictures, BoardProspects provides online training, development and the certification necessary for... Read More

Bay Area Copywriter

Jun '14 | Video Producer turned Bay Area Copywriter

Hillary Clinton. Arianna Huffington. Marilyn Nagel. Oh My! This is the Bay Area: if we can, we add value to organizations we love, and believe will make a difference, even if it means we cut our costs. Why? Because, as a resident... Read More