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Jun '14 | Bay Area Copywriter Ghostwrites as her Father

Didn’t Make it to Alaska This Summer, Don’t Get Your Panties in a Bunch Boys… How could I not be passionate about Talaheim Lodge? I spent the first eighteen years of my life there, and from that experience birthed at least... Read More


May '14 | Hot Off the Festival Circut, Now on iTunes & Amazon

It’s nothing shy of a miracle when an independent movie gets purchased and pushed into the market place, and when it finally does… well, you tend to hate that miracle.  But unlike my previous three feature film projects, I always find something new to... Read More


Feb '14 | Who Knew SEO Was This Much Fun

That’s right, folks, SEO is fun!  Especially when you’re writing strategic blog posts from a sixty year old Alaskan wilderness man’s point of view.  Yes, that man happens to be my father. And, yes, some may find it weird that... Read More