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Mar '17 | Common Mistakes Made in Event Video

This month, it’s all about event video and corporate event planning, and planning is definitely our keyword for this blog series. We’ve already provided ideas on event videos needed for the Field Marketers in Videos That Increase Event Attendance. We’ve also discussed... Read More

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Mar '17 | Videos That Increase Event Attendance

A Video Funnel for the Field Marketer…   This week we focus on the Field Marketer. How can we use last year’s event video footage to increase attendance to this year’s user conference? Whether you have previous footage, or you’ve... Read More

Feb '17 | Bay Area Video Producer on the Oscars

It’s Oscars season and as someone who works for a Bay Area Video Producer I find myself getting wrapped up in all the hype and excitement surrounding the nominated films this year. It’s fun to read through the media speculation... Read More

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Feb '17 | Stretch Event Videos Across Entire Buyers Journey

It is corporate event planning season and we’re all interested in distributing budget towards items that convert more leads and deliver a higher ROI. So what if I told you that hiring an event video production company for just one day during your... Read More