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Feb '18 | The 360 Testimonial

Capturing the Product Through Multiple Lenses Customer testimonials are supposed to feature customers, right? But if you’re launching a brand new product that has yet to be released to customers– then what? Creating a 360 Testimonial is a good solution.... Read More

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Feb '18 | Traveling for a Testimonial

It doesn’t always have to be expensive. Customer testimonial videos are a powerful sales tool, but they can also be expensive. Especially when your customer isn’t local. When Silicon Valley-based VDI company Workspot made a huge impact with one of their... Read More

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Feb '18 | How to Capitalize On Your Event Investment

Don’t just think one event sizzle. Think videos that span your entire marketing funnel. With a little strategic foresight and planning, Patina can film specific keynotes, interview key customers, capture on-the-floor audience soundbites, and gather great social moments that make... Read More