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It’s About a Partnership, Not a Project

We Deliver Value Every Step of the Way…

During Scripting

“With remarkable minimal direction, K’Dee was able to spot-on articulate who I was as a service provider and sketch out a powerful story frame.”


“Patina Pictures has come to know our business inside and out, which enables them to make fantastic, informed choices in the moment.” ~ RocketSpace

Post Production

“I have high expectations and you’ve beat them.”

& Wrap

“With only 6 weeks under my belt, Patina Pictures helped
me establish a tone of someone the team can trust to get the job done.”

If our customers look good, we look good.

We think like a member of your team every step of the creative and production process because we know, if you look good, we look good. And looking good leads to more videos.

 And that’s why 95% of our clients are repeat clientele.

Because they trust us with their business. They trust us with their careers. They trust us to constantly make them look good.