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It’s About a Partnership, Not a Project

Agency versus Creative video production?


Yes, “video is the most engaging” way to share a message, and in today’s world video is important in every facet of the business.

But when outsourcing every video project to an agency doesn’t make financial sense, nor does hiring a full-time video employee and investing in camera equipment, then what?

75% of videos do not require an Agency, but 100% of videos require Creative.


Patina Pictures provides the creative element and strategy at a cost that makes sense. How do we do this?

We start thinking like part of your team.

  • If we slant this interview question slightly, we could reach your more technical audience.
  • We’ve hired the crew for the day, let’s shoot additional footage that will be useful later.
  • Here’s how you cut your original video down to get three additional videos for social platforms.


Design for Today, Strategize for Tomorrow

The bulk of our clients are repeat clientele.


That’s because we continue to offer exceptional service, exceed expectations, and over-deliver on content, on time and on budget. Yet we still take the time to reevaluate ways for improvement. Because creative video production is a process, and that process can always be improved.

Learn how Patina Pictures offered these companies exceptional service and creative video production at an affordable cost.