• curiosity


  • Set video style
  • Create budget & scope of work
  • Manage all team communications

Video Design

  • Write script or talking points
  • Storyboard visuals
  • Cast talent

Pre Production

  • Set schedule
  • Scout location
  • Hire video crew


  • Provide lights, camera, (and action!)
  • Direct talent or conduct interviews
  • Liaise with client

Post Production

  • Provide two rounds of edits
  • Music licensing and sound sweetening
  • Color grading

Analyze & Recap

  • Gather data & debrief
  • Footage archival
  • Celebrate video’s success!

A Customized Approach to Fit Every Budget

We specialize in full service production– from writing the script all the way to sound editing. But not every project requires full service treatment. Big or small production, we’ll customize the video scope to fit your specific needs.

Are you a field marketer needing video services for your large tech conference, or an individual needing a launch video for your website? Reach out for a free consultation and cost estimate, or check out the below examples to get a sense of what’s possible.