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We Help You Capitalize On Your Investment

You’ve already brought everyone together– partners, customers, thought leaders– now it’s time to seize the opportunity and capitalize on your event investment.

And we don’t mean creating one video sizzle. With just two days of filming your event or conference, you can create more than 10 videos that span across your entire marketing funnel.

We’re different than typical AV teams.

While they record stage presentations, we capture everything else. The audience, training sessions, breakouts, networking, sponsor booths, registration, cocktail parties, concerts, event venue and location– everything that makes an event worth going to.

But what really sells an event are the audience soundbites. So we also film customer testimonials against a backdrop and spontaneous audience soundbites.

We are an extension of your marketing team.

We partner with your field marketer or social strategist months prior to the event to ensure the imagery is on brand and the soundbites incorporate the company’s messaging into your event & conference videos.

Event Video Types

But this is just the beginning.
Let’s discuss the full spectrum of opportunity.

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kick off videos

Aimed at warming up your audience, this type of video is created before the event and is played prior to the first keynote.

Bay Area Production Company

Walk In Video

Created prior to the event, this type of video pumps up the audience and is played right before the CEO enters stage.

Bay Area Production Company

Keynote Videos

Created prior to the event, this type of video is typically played before or during a main stage keynote.

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Event highlights

A mix of event imagery and soundbites, this type of video is used as a demand generation tool or to promote the next event.

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animated sizzles

Created months prior to an event, this type of video incorporates animation and imagery shot at an earlier event and is used as a registration tool.

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social videos

Created during the event, this type of video is cut and distributed on social channels, in realtime, in order to reach a much larger audience.

We partner with a wide range of companies, from nonprofits, startups, to larger corporations.
Reach out for a free consultation and cost estimate, or check out the below budgetary examples to get a sense of what’s possible.

Let's Talk Scope

  • Economic Security Project

    Small Scope

    We tailored our production scope to accommodate budgetary needs while still delivering several powerful videos aimed at promoting the Economic Security Project's first annual Cash Conference.
  • RocketSpace

    Medium Sized Scope

    We brought viewers behind the scenes of one of today's hottest technology accelerators by capturing soundbites from startups, corporate partners, and industry leaders.
  • Dreamforce

    Larger Scope

    We delivered 45 social videos in ten days, all with the goal of driving Dreamforce attendees toward the DocuSign booth.