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Mar '18 | A Video Script That Makes You Think

At Patina, we start by defining the goal.

After watching the video, what is it you want your audience to do? Once we have that answer, all of our story elements and stylistic choices will point the audience in that direction.

In the case of Vitaly’s speaker reel, we wanted the audience to buy him– to buy his book, to buy his speeches, and to buy his time as a media correspondent. So with the goal set, we created a script to make our audience think about Vitaly in these three specific ways:

An Expert on Startups & Innovation

After watching all of Vitaly’s keynotes from the Bay Area and beyond, we distilled his talking points into three main topics and then collected supporting soundbites that showcased those topics. Through the narrative, as well as the visuals, we also promoted the fact that Vitaly was an author. At the end, our audience walked away having a sense of who Vitaly was, and what he was selling.

A Media Correspondent

Vitaly wanted his reel to sell him to news producers as a guest expert. But without previous news clips to pull from we created our own using green screen, a colleague of Vitaly’s to play the interviewer, and some animation.

An Experienced Keynote Speaker

Vitaly had traveled all around the world giving keynotes, so this was an easy sell. But beyond just showing imagery of him presenting, we wanted to showcase Vitaly in a variety of different audiences so that conferences knew he could play well in any size crowd.

We worked closely with Vitaly from script writing to delivery, and we were thrilled with the product, as was he. 

I have high expectations, and you’ve beat them.

– Vitaly Golomb, HP Tech Ventures

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Sophie Gunther

Sophie Gunther is a native San Franciscan and long-time lover of the performing and media arts. After graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in World Arts and Cultures, she pursued her passion for film and started working in production. For over a year, she's been producing behind the camera, and she gets her consumer fix by working various film festivals throughout the Bay. Sophie is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn, explore, and develop her craft with Patina Pictures!