AppDirect Partners Video from patinapictures on Vimeo.

AppDirect Partner Video

Type: Testimonial

Role: Director, Producer, Editor, Production Company

When you have the foresight to collect 10 partner testimonials at your yearly conference, you might find yourself asking the following question – now what? You cut together several testimonial videos and spread the word of course!

We made a series of short testimonial videos for AppDirect with the interviews captured at their 2017 Engage conference. By utilizing quick cuts and having the subjects finish each other’s sentences, this snappy video felt like AppDirect’s customers were coming together as one big chorus.

A good tip to remember when producing this kind of talking head testimonial video is to hire a makeup artist. This style doesn’t allow you to cut away to b-roll, so having someone on set to makes sure that everyone is looking their best is not only a way to improve production value, but you’ll get extra points for giving your customers or partners the star treatment on set!

Produced by Patina Pictures for AppDirect