Customer Testimonial: Workspot & Scale Solution for Hydradyne from patinapictures on Vimeo.

Hydradyne Customer Success Story

Type: Customer Testimonial

Role: Producer, Director, Production Company

In this customer success story the IT Director takes us behind the scenes of Hydradyne’s headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, to showcase the benefits of the Workspot and Scale solution.

For those interested in capturing a customer success story here’s a tip:

Get approval on all soundbites and images prior. There’s nothing that makes a customer more nervous than saying something in front of the camera that isn’t actually authorized by their organization. Or getting thrown different marketing talking points last minute. And there’s nothing more frustrating, than having to surgically remove certain words in post production because the verbiage is incorrect, or having to blur out images or logos because they’re proprietary. Get all approvals before hand, on soundbites and images. Because when everyone is relaxed, that’s actually when you capture those truly spontaneous moments.

Produced by Patina Pictures for Workspot