Carol Isozaki from patinapictures on Vimeo.

Speaker Reel

Type: Speaker Reel

Role: Writer, Director, Production Company

Sometimes it’s the company that hires our production team to film coverage of their event, and sometimes it’s the keynote speaker. Take Carol Isozaki, for example, well known inspirational speaker and leadership coach in the Bay Area. We were fortunate enough to follow Carol around with a camera for two days and sift through footage of previously shot events. From that, we created her speaker reel. And then we created our own Plan to Be Amazing.

Thanks Carol for the useful tips and inspiration!

“K’Dee is extremely passionate and committed to her craft, has the talent to back it up, and exudes an infectious energy and collaborative spirit that makes her a dream business partner. With remarkably minimal direction, she was able to spot-on articulate who I was as a service provider, sketch out a powerful story frame, and then produce a sizzle reel far beyond expectations. She is a MUST-HAVE business partner in my book!” ~ Carol Isozaki

Produced by Patina Pictures for Carol Isozaki