A big thanks to our amazing clients who continue to trust us with their vision, and allow us to do what we love each and every day. Here are 20 of our recent favorites.
We always capture a variety of footage, enough to cover the event at hand, as well as promote future events. Here’s a smattering of sizzles, meant to drive awareness, as well as attendance.
Whether you want to excite the audience, inspire them, or get their butts in the seats– there’s a keynote video for that! Here are 4 examples, each with a unique intension.
Highlight videos are great crowd pleasers, and we love to put them together within 24 hours so they screen at the event itself. But these videos are also great sales tools, whether used to accompany nurture campaigns after the event, or to drive attendance for future events.
Video is a powerful human resource tool. Whether used in the hiring process, or to educate and congratulate internal teams, check out four of our recent HR videos.
From Customer Success Stories, to Expert Interviews, to soundbites picked up on the tradeshow floor, testimonials come in all shapes and sizes and continue to be one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.
Whether you’re selling a program or an experience, awareness videos are meant to pique an audience’s curiosity, while introducing a product or service into the marketplace.
Rather than just introduce the product, educational videos are meant to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of a product or service, and remain one of the most highly digested video types on the Internet today.
While awareness and educational videos tend to lead viewers to buy, tutorials are consumed after purchase as a way to enhance user experience and strengthen customer loyalty. They also ease the workload of your customer service reps!
The 30 second story is not only here to stay, it’s getting shorter and shorter as all our social media feeds quickly turn into one big video stream. For more information on how to tell a 30 second story, check out our blog.
Our company’s roots began in Hollywood, which is why we start and end every conversation with the question: “how does this serve the story?” Here are four of our movies, all of which are available on Netflix or iTunes.