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Mar '18 | A Video Script That Makes You Act

It’s all about teasing your audience.

Ever watch a movie trailer and think – they just showed me the entire movie! Now, that is an example of what not to do when selling an experience.

When selling an experiential product, such as a movie, (or in this case a new FPS precision gaming product), you don’t want to give away the entire experience in your demo, you want to hint at it and leave the audience wanting more.

Three Tips to Inspire Your Audience to ACT

  • Keep it short: Keep the video under one minute. Anything more than that and you’ve given your audience enough information to form an opinion. If the opinion is positive, then great. But if the opinion is just so-so, then they’re not going to act. The trick is to give just enough so that they buy. And when they buy, that’s when they can form their own opinion.
  • Keep Them On the Edge of their Seats: We typically don’t promote confusing the audience, but in the case of Gaimglass, that’s exactly what we wanted to do. We opened with a set of quick edits– visuals set against text cards– then we cut to the product in action. We didn’t actually show a full visual of the product until half way through the video. We wanted to make the audience lean in, and in order to do that, we gave them just enough visual stimulus in order to pique their curiosity.
  • Create a Fantastic Finish: But fantastic doesn’t necessarily mean “satisfying.” In this case, we left the audience hungry. This product demo picked up the pace so much that it became less about the text, or about each game (or “kill”), and more about the collective experience. You might also notice the rhythm of our edits mimicked that of a fast heart beat. That was intensional. We wanted to our audience to be out of breath by the end. Learn more about how to evoke this type of emotion by reading A Video Script that Makes You Feel.


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Sophie Gunther

Sophie Gunther is a native San Franciscan and long-time lover of the performing and media arts. After graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in World Arts and Cultures, she pursued her passion for film and started working in production. For over a year, she's been producing behind the camera, and she gets her consumer fix by working various film festivals throughout the Bay. Sophie is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn, explore, and develop her craft with Patina Pictures!