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Feb '18 | Preparation Allows for Flexible Thinking

And being flexible, especially under pressure, is the job of a great event video producer. At Patina, we plan. We script. We ask numerous questions. We have check lists and tick off boxes. But we’ll be the first to throw... Read More

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Feb '18 | Digging Into the Video Archives

Capitalize on your video investment by thinking ahead. For over a year we had a standing event where Patina Pictures offered RocketSpace monthly event video services and came in with a simple camera set up to film their Speaker Series... Read More

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Feb '18 | Small Footprint, Big Value

Your customers are already in the room, now let’s get them on camera! During AppDirect’s 2017 Engage conference in San Francisco, we filmed 10 customer testimonials against a white seamless. Each person was given approximately 10 questions; each interview took... Read More

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Feb '18 | The 360 Testimonial

Capturing the Product Through Multiple Lenses Customer testimonials are supposed to feature customers, right? But if you’re launching a brand new product that has yet to be released to customers– then what? Creating a 360 Testimonial is a good solution.... Read More