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Feb '18 | Curious Thinking Leads to Creative Breakthroughs

Don’t be afraid to pivot. It’s an essential part of the creative process. In the case of Workspot, we all went into the studio thinking we were filming another set of corporate training videos. But the moment Patina heard the... Read More

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Feb '18 | Be Adventurous: Gaimglass

Remember: the creative process is, in fact, a process. Iterations are just part of the game, and this was certainly the case when filming a product demo for Gaimglass introducing their new FPS precision gaming product. Our Challenge Product demo... Read More

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Feb '18 | Be Practical When Budgeting

It’s about a long term partnership, not a one off project. We take a practical approach to budgeting, because we know if we find ways to save you money on the first project, there’ll likely be a second project waiting... Read More

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Feb '18 | Low Budget Doesn’t Mean Low Quality

Low Budget Video Production Means Savvy Scoping And that’s exactly what we did when producing a website launch video for professional chef Tori Richie. We got creative. Not on the page, or on screen, but in excel.  Our Challenge Our... Read More