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Brand Video Windchaser Wine Co

Type: Brand Video

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This Berkeley Video Production Company Loves Its Neighbors

How could you not love the Gilman District? This Berkeley based video production company agrees with Winemaker Dave Gifford when he says:

“It’s one stop shopping and you don’t have to drive all the way to Napa. It’s pretty unique.”

And we have the absolute pleasure of having our Berkeley based video production company office space right next to Windchaser Wine Co so we’re not only proud of this brand video, we’re absolutely in love with the product.

But don’t listen to us. Trevor Felch of KQED Food says it best when he wrote his article East Bay Wine Tasting: 5 Spots to Try:

“Windchaser is producing the premier wine of any of the Bay’s urban wineries– and that’s really saying something with the quality of Dave’s peers.”

For this video we knew we wanted to capture footage of Dave and his patrons on a Saturday afternoon at the tasting room. But we didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable, or distract from the main product – the wine! So in order to accomplish this we kept to a small footprint. We brought in a two person crew–  a producer and cameraman– and by using Sony’s A7sii with Cooke Panchro/i Classic lens we were able to get great footage, but remain a fly-on-the-wall.

It also helped that Windchaser Wine was served at another client’s wedding, which is how we were able to utilize this gorgeous b-roll in Windchaser’s product video featuring their Pinot Gris.

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Being a fly on the wall and having a small footprint is important when it comes to filming events. Check out two other videos that we shot using the same set up – Sony’s A7sii with Cooke Panchro/i Classic lens – and a two person team.

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Brand Video Transcript


I really relate a lot of wine making to just cooking. The way that I think about things in the kitchen is the way I think about things in the winery. I don’t like cooking with recipes. I don’t make wine with a recipe. I think that the most amazing meals I’ve ever had had been things that were created with very few ingredients and simplicity. And so looking at wine as a philosophy, like the way I look at food in the kitchen, the fewer things I can put into the wine, the better.

We have six different wineries, literally on one block, we all have our unique style. We’re all making very different wines. It’s amazing to be an urban winery, but still have a sense of community with other urban wineries, right in the neighborhood. Having Fieldwork and Gilman Brewing and good food in the neighborhood is also a great benefit. It’s one stop shopping and you don’t have to drive all the way to Napa. It’s pretty unique.

I probably use the word “fun” more than any other word when describing my wines, I don’t want to die with a full wine cellar. So I think the wine should just be fun. California chard, definitely some fun, effervescent qualities.

Funkalicious: That’s not a real word. Funkalicious to me is a wine that kind of makes your eyebrow go up a little bit.

Guest #1:

Oh my gosh.

Guest #2:

Yes it’s a chardonnay.

Guest #1:



The pinot gris can be on that side. My Grenache which is this funky light colored Grenache that just has a lot of kind of magic spice in it. The pinot noir. I think I treat the pinot noir a little bit more seriously. And as a result, it comes out as a little bit more of a serious wine.

And again, it’s having a spectrum. It’s having a range of wines for people to try when they come here. I think one of the best compliments that I get from people who visit my tasting room is that they really do seem to enjoy all the wines. People really do seem to enjoy one after the other. And to me as a winemaker, that’s a huge compliment.

There are so many people who come back on a regular basis. I mean, when people started coming back and wanting the same wine and I was feeling guilty because I’ve had the same wine you had last time and they didn’t care, they were happy about it. And to me, that was a moment where I thought, okay, I’m doing something right here.

Brand Video Produced for Windchaser Wine Co by Video Production Company Patina Pictures