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Brand Story Video

Type: Brand Story Video

Role: Writer, Director, Producer, Production Company

About the Brand Story Video

Patina Pictures was brought in to collaborate with RocketSpace’s VP of Marketing and their Brand + Creative Director to create a brand video consisting of stock footage, imagery, and assets already in our archives. Bottom line: The budget could not accommodate further production, so we needed to use what was available to us.

Initially the scope consisted of creating an internal brand story with the purpose of introducing the RocketSpace team to their new branding. But as the script and images came together it quickly became apparent the video deserved a larger stage.

Part internal pump up video, part brand story video, this project remains one of our favorite collaborations with RocketSpace and is an example of what can be accomplished without rolling cameras.

Learn More About Video Production

At Patina, we start every creative process by defining three things

Thinking comes from the narrative, and in a two minute video we typically hone our informational takeaways down to three major bullet points.

Feelings are inspired by imagery, and in the case of RocketSpace we used a mixture of stock footage, animated still shots, and archival footage we shot at their events.

And what do you want your audience to do directly after viewing your video– well, that’s your call to action.

Once those three items are discussed, it becomes pretty apparent which element should take center stage. In the case of RocketSpace’s brand story, it was all about emotion. They wanted their audience to feel inspired, motivated, and to feel like they were about to embark on a journey that would make history.

For more about the scripting process for corporate video production– A Video Script That Makes You Feel– check out our RocketSpace case study.

About the Video Production Company

Patina Pictures is a creative video production company servicing today’s most prominent corporations and technology startups. We’re more than just a service company, we think strategically on behalf of your brand. We become a valuable extension to your marketing team. And we do this at non-agency prices, which is why 95% of our clients are repeat clientele.

Brand Video Transcript

The most interesting journeys always venture into the unknown. The routes they follow are often long and full of unexpected twists and turns. They go places scary and daunting. The outcomes are never certain. This is the path of the innovator.

Of course, nowadays it seems entrepreneurs are on every corner. Everyone wants to give it a shot, but the reality is few succeed. In fact, most never even make it off the launch pad. Over the years we’ve learned a few things about those who do. We understand what innovation actually requires. We are a different kind of space program.

We do more than just accelerate businesses. Speed is a critical part of what we enable, but it’s only one factor. We provide the world’s top innovators with something else, direction. That combination of speed and direction is core to our vision, because in the world of rocketry, velocity is often what determines whether a rocket reaches its destination or not.

There are intrepid companies out there that are transforming the world around us in mind bending ways. They feel it’s not just about doing bigger things, it’s about accomplishing things that have a bigger impact. Developing their technologies and growing their businesses isn’t a lifestyle, it’s their life’s work. We find and work with these undaunted thinkers and doers all over the globe. People who work with meaning and purpose. People who are undertaking the most astonishing journeys. We provide them with velocity. And with velocity, they, like us, boldly go.

Brand Video Produced for RocketSpace by Video Production Company Patina Pictures