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Client Testimonial Qualcomm

Type: Corporate Client Testimonial

Role: Director, Producer, Editor, Production Company

About the Client Testimonial

You don’t need to launch your product before creating a client testimonial. Casing point: Qualcomm’s client testimonial in partnership with Southland and Workspot. They recruited Southland via Workspot to create a testimonial that spoke to the need for their new product. And that did the trick.

It also helped that Patina’s client base included Workspot and Southland, so we had a plethora of archival footage to work with. Add to the mix Qualcomm’s archival footage and with only two days of production we were able to create an incredible keynote opener for Qualcomm’s annual press conference.

Here’s a quick note about reusing archival footage – ask your production company how they’re capturing footage. If they’re using specific settings in which to capture the footage in log, great. This allows you the most freedom when it comes to color correction. That means you can use your footage in multiple different videos. If they’re not capturing in log, then it might take some extra work to color your original footage in a way that fits within a secondary video, and in some cases, it might not work at all. Bottom line: shoot in log.

Notice that this video is dramatic– that was our intention! 5G is a dramatic revolution! We shot our interviews with that specific look and feel in mind, and because our archival footage was shot in log, we were able to match that footage to the dramatic look and feel of our interviews.

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For another example of a client testimonial video that didn’t wait for their product’s launch, check out our Sixense video. This footage was shot in development, on the product demo floor.

About the Production Company

Patina Pictures is a creative video production company servicing today’s most prominent technology companies, startups and nonprofits. We’re more than just a production service company, we think strategically on behalf of your brand. We become a valuable extension to your marketing team. And we do this at non-agency prices, which is why 95% of our clients are repeat clientele.

Client Testimonial Video Transcript


At Qualcomm, connectivity is in our DNA. We brought you 3G, we brought you 4G, and now 5G is the new unifying platform for connectivity that we’re going to use to now expand into new industries.


Southland is one of the largest MEP contractors in the country, they specialize in mechanical, electrical and plumbing. In the past, to be able to accomplish the collaboration that we needed, we were replicating 50 terabytes across 17 different locations. To remove all those copies, we moved everything to Microsoft Azure, and to access that data we’re using Workspot virtual workstations on Azure.


With enterprises moving to the cloud, productivity applications, collaboration applications, and Workspot virtual desktop, users need to be connected. That connectivity needs to be fast and secure. With the Snapdragon Compute Platform, we wanted to bring the best of the smartphone to the PC. With thin, sleek, fabulous designs and great battery life. Always on, always connected, anytime, anywhere.


Now that we’ve moved all of our data to Azure and we’re using Workspot VDI to access that data, we want to allow our users to really be able to be mobile and have the ability to access that data anywhere they are. With 5G, we’re removing the barriers and providing more opportunities to be more productive. By using the Snapdragon technology, they have high speed, long battery life and are able to access this data from any location.


We are redefining mobile computing with 5G. Higher bandwidth, lowered latencies.


This 5G experience on PCs is going to revolutionize what consumers and enterprise users are able to experience.


We’re very excited about our transition to the Snapdragon 5G Compute Platform, which will compliment our migration to the cloud.


As more and more data moves to the cloud, 5G is going to transform how people do things, and where people do things.


When you take our 5G technology and combine it with the Snapdragon Compute Platform, we will revolutionize the always on, always connected PC experience.

Client Testimonial Produced for Qualcomm by Video Production Company Patina Pictures