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Client Testimonial Houston Eye

Type: Corporate Client Testimonial

Role: Producer, Director, Production Company

About the Corporate Client Testimonial

We traveled to Texas to film this corporate client testimonial video in order to showcase how comprehensive Eyecare center, Houston Eye, uses VDI solution Workspot in conjunction with Microsoft Azure. We have had the pleasure of doing several testimonials for Workspot every year, many of which require travel, and have these shoots down to a science.

Typically they require two days on site – 1/2 day to scout prior to shoot, and 1.5 days of filming.

Our travel crew and kit typically consist of:

About Scripting a Corporate Client Testimonial

Because we’re dealing with real-people and real conversations, not actors with scripts, it’s helpful to start the shooting process by capturing the interviews. That way you can take notes during the interview and determine what imagery will be needed to tell the corporate client testimonial’s visual story.

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Check out our blog Traveling for a Testimonial to learn best practices when it comes to filming logistics, scouting, and hiring local crew versus bringing your crew.

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Testimonial Video Transcript


With the old technology, we were having lots of difficulty and losing anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes per day of productivity multiplied over 60 plus doctors in 25 plus locations. Ended up leading to lots of frustration for both doctors, staff, patients, and even our IT department.


I was brought in to basically redesign their systems from the ground up. The entire infrastructure really had been around for, some parts over a decade. Bringing in one of the legacy systems was going to include systems that were way too complex, going to require all of my time, or I’d have to staff up somebody who was an expert in those systems to help me along.


Right away we noticed an improvement with Workspot. We were able to get access to our medical record very quickly, which enhances our efficiency and enhances our ability to make connections with our patients.


Finding Workspot and its ability to be managed from the cloud, independent of my infrastructure has just made a world of difference in how I’ve been able to take Houston Eye Associates into the future technology wise. As soon as I heard about the affiliate model, I knew right away that it wasn’t something I wanted to manage internally. There’s over 1,000 opticians in the Houston area and they’re looking to bring these local doctors into an affiliation with Houston Eye Associates. I needed something that could grow as the affiliate model grew.


Using Workspot and Azure together are going to allow us to grow our business on demand and that’s critical so that we don’t have the upfront cost as we try to scale up. So another benefit is the local security. When we transmit information for material services, such as eyeglasses, private healthcare information is being exchanged. So we have to make sure that that data is protected on both sides, Houston Eye’s side, as well as any affiliate.


If I was to do that internally, it would mean capital expenditures, I’d have to double the size of my internal systems just to prepare from day one for the doctors that we want to bring in. I had a meeting where I introduced Workspot to the 700 employees, our almost 70 doctors and I said here’s our old system, here’s Workspot, do you think I need to have lunch and learns all over the city? And they looked at me and said, it’s applications you’re delivering to us, it looks great, no.

During the rollout, developers and this customer success team at Workspot have come alongside and it’s like they’re part of our team. There’s not a single roadblock that I’ve put up that they haven’t just dove right into to help us come around with a solution. As I look back on my first year with Houston Eye Associates, while it’s been a marathon, I’ll tell you, it’s been worth it. We’ve got new systems in place, new network, new applications that are actually being delivered by Workspot. Our doctors have more time to serve their patients. My staff has more time to start focusing more and more on making those systems more useful to the doctors and I can have a little bit more time to go out and play some baseball with my kid.

Client Testimonial Produced for Workspot by Video Production Company Patina Pictures