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Gaimglass Product Promo

Type: Product Promo Video

Role: Director, Producer, Editor, Production Company

Gamers, prepare yourselves for this gaming revolution!
We had so much fun creating this product promo video for the first person shooter gaming accessory, Gaimglass. Our client came to us wanting a trailer that promoted the product and a video that introduced the founder. Over a day of shooting we got some pretty sexy product shots, showed the product in action, and captured an interview with the founder as well as some fans.

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Remember: the creative process is, in fact, a process.

Iterations are just part of the game, and this was certainly the case when filming this product promo video. Our Challenge: Product demos require some back and forth and we had to employ smart iterations that didn’t mean doubling the budget. So we did so by employing specific check-ins after each phase of production.

Patina Pictures created an amazing video for us that far exceeded our expectations. We loved working with K’Dee and her team. They listened to our ideas and made us feel like we were an important part of the process each step of the way. Under K’Dee’s guidance, organization, and ability to come up with creative solutions, our video was completed on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Patina Pictures and we hope to work with them again soon! 

~ Founder, Gaimglass

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Product Promo Story Video Transcript

You can learn more about the Gaimglass story by watching this Founder’s Video, or you can read the transcript below:


Every first-person shooter game has one thing in common, you’re always shooting from the center of the screen. In-game crosshairs help you to find that center point, but they can often disappear or become difficult to see during gameplay. This can have an effect on your speed and accuracy, and it’s that split second that can make a difference between winning and losing.

That’s why I created Gaimglass. Gaimglass is an aiming accessory for first-person shooters. The design is simple, but effective. It consists of a concealed LED light shining down on a tiny etched center point. The device is then placed on top of your monitor so that the aim point is at the very center of your screen. The effect creates a very small, but very bright center point that helps you quickly resolve your targets and aim with confidence.

The idea for Gaimglass came to me while playing Far Cry 3. I wanted to see my crosshairs while sprinting, but like many first-person shooters they just faded away when moving fast. And it was especially hard to reacquire them against a bright sky or wall when transitioning back to shooting or aiming. My brother introduced me to stickers, which certainly helped, but they didn’t work well in dark areas. I wanted a device that work well in both light and dark areas and was very easy to install and remove.

We did extensive testing over the next year, trying out different glass sizes, different color LEDs, different types of acrylic, and different sized center points. After many prototypes, we landed on what we feel is the best aiming accessory on the market today. I went from being a top 30 player to a top five player in the world.


Setup’s easy and it takes just a few seconds. First, calibrate the Gaimglass horizontally by using the in-game crosshairs and aligning them with the aim point. Then, the Gaimglass can be calibrated vertically by unscrewing the set screw, adjusting the plate, and retightening. Plug it into any USB power source and you’re ready to go. After your first calibration, all you need to do is remount Gaimglass on your monitor, adjust horizontally, and you’re all set. The vertical calibration should never need to be reset and it will work for all games.


Gaimglass gives you the real look and feel of an illuminated reticle to mimic a weapon site. There’s no other product on the market today that gives you this 3D look and feel. Playing with Gaimglass, I feel a lot more confident. It completely changes the gaming experience. I’ve actually gone back to older games that I hadn’t played in a while to try them out with Gaimglass.


The most underrated aspect of being a successful gamer is confidence, and with Gaimglass, I know that I’m going to get the shot off quicker than my opponent and more accurately than my opponent, and that lets me go into just about any situation feeling like I’m going to come out on top. And that’s a huge advantage.


Now that I have Gaimglass, I won’t play any first-person shooters without it.

Product Promo Video Produced for Gaimglass by Video Production Company Patina Pictures