RingCentral’s Real Talk Hosted by Samin Nosrat Social Trailer

Type: Social Media Video, Social Trailer, Educational Video

Role: Director, Producer, Editor, Production Company

In 2020, Patina Pictures produced 21 thirty-minute video conversations each with a promotional social media trailer – all captured remotely– for RingCentral’s Real Talk series. Working and talking with inspiring people such as Chef and Netflix reality star, Samin Nostrat, Tony Winner and Oscar Nominee Leslie Odom Jr., and the second woman to hold a full time NFL coaching position, Katie Sowers, was a beam of light in an otherwise dark year.

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Social Media Trailer Transcript

Samin Nosrat   

I feel this incredible urgency to not lose the moment to point this out to the people in power.

Yewande Komolaf

I think a lot of times, especially Food Media, when you do a restaurant review, you focus on just what’s on your plate and how beautiful it is and how delicious it is. And it’s all of those things. Don’t you want to know what’s going on in the kitchen, how the company is treating its employees, who’s getting paid to make the food that you’re eating? And so I think all of those questions tie into asking for the full story.

Osayi Endolyn

I don’t think it’s ever been more palpable, what needs to take place. And it probably means that you’re going to give up something that you’re used to. But then what will you gain? That’s the part that we’d never finish the whole thought. We get stuck in what we lose, and we don’t start thinking and imagining and getting excited behind what’s possible.

Social Media Trailer Produced for RingCentral by Video Production Company Patina Pictures