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Sixense Introduces MakeVR

Type: Software Demo Video

Role: Producer, Writer, Director, Production Company

Sometimes the best narrator for a software demo video is the end user. But what if your product hasn’t been launched yet, or, in the case of Sixense, funded yet? By traveling to trade shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, Patina Pictures captured realtime user experiences and, along with expert testimonial, wove a storyline together that spoke specifically to the Kickstarter community.

The 360 Testimonial: Capturing the Software Demo Video Through Multiple Lenses

Software demo videos are supposed to feature customers, right? But if you’re launching a brand new product that has yet to be released to customers– then what? Creating a 360 Testimonial is a good solution.

What’s Needed

  • An industry expert: Interview someone who is well known in your industry who can comment on how your product is going to fundamentally change how people operate.
  • A partner: Who needs your product in order to sell to their customers? In the case of Sixense, New York City 3D manufacturer and marketplace, Shapeways, was the perfect partner in which to endorse the product.
  • An early adopter: Pre-release your product to a few specific individuals and have them talk about how excited they are to see the product hit the market. In the case of Shapeways, we interviewed a few fans at the Makers Market in Los Angeles and got their impromptu feedback.

To read more about how we created this 360 software demo video, take a look at this Case Study.

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Software Demo Video Transcript


One of the biggest trends in 3D printing that I’ve seen this year is how to make 3D modeling easier. And what I just saw from MakeVR is one of the coolest, most intuitive, and natural products that I’ve seen.


Right now, people are starting to hear about 3D printing more and more. And as they become aware of the possibilities, they get really excited. And they’re like, Oh my God, this is amazing. I want to do this. And there’s always that moment where you’re like, well, you’ve got to be able to 3D model. That’s kind of the greatest barrier to entry at the moment. So something like MakeVR, where you just get it, you see it and you’re like, oh, I’m moving 3D shapes. Okay, that’s just like real life


I got into this industry over 25 years ago to create a 3D medium that lets you create things about as quickly as you think them up.


MakeVR is an immersive modeling tool designed to open access to the 3D print market. One-to-one interaction is the key to 3D modeling.


For Sixth Sense to come along and invent a new kind of sensing and input technology, and build this beautiful software in MakeVR that’s intimately connected to it, that’s the only kind of work that’s going to really propel us into the next 20, 30 years.


Makeup has enormous impact to the 3D printing consumer industry. It brought 3D printers to people. MakeVR by Sixth Sense has the ability to do the same thing with creating content. Other companies have tried to do it before, but they haven’t really got the fun aspect into the game. MakeVR is a game and it’s a CAD system all in one.

Josh Levine   

I was very impressed with MakeVR. The traditional mouse and keyboard interface towards manipulating, viewing, and creating three-dimensional objects is a hard step for us to take. And what MakeVR has done is they’ve changed from an unnatural interface into a natural interface.


In less than 10 minutes, I was doing stuff that took me hours using a CAD system.


There’s nothing really like it. This picks up every movement. I could just build pretty much anything I want to. Tons of my friends would be all over this.

Steve Hansted

Okay, so what we’re going to show you now is MakeVR collaborative. This allows multiple users to come in and collaborate on content.


It’s kind of amazing, because I’ve done this process before. I screen shotted what I was working on. I rendered it. To be able to show her right in the program, and that interaction took 20 seconds, instead of maybe two days over back and forth on email.


This may be more fun than 3D modeling is supposed to be.


It’s kind of like the building blocks when you were a kid. It’s kind of like that, but then you’re just building in 3D space.


Our CAD based tools allow you to very precisely align and orient it, or move it along a very precise path. And once your object has been created, simply hit print.


For instance, you could come on the side and upload a model that you’d created, from a bunch of different materials, and we would 3D print it and ship it to you.


Over the past three years, we’ve done our homework to ensure that MakeVR delivers on its promise across a wide range of users. And now it’s finally time to bring the solution to the Kickstarter community and ask for your support and bringing MakeVR to the market.

Software Demo Video Produced for Sixense by Video Production Company Patina Pictures