Tori Ritchie's Tuesday Recipe Promotional Video from patinapictures on Vimeo.

Tuesday Recipe

Type: Product Video, Awareness Promo, Website Launch Video

Role: Co-Writer, Director, Art Director, Production Company

To highlight the launch of her new website, Tuesday Recipe’s founder and cook Tori Ritchie collaborated with San Francisco video producer K’Dee Miller on the scripting, then Patina Pictures handled the rest.

“K’Dee is a total pro — I’ve worked with a lot of San Francisco video producers and few are as fun, efficient and as good at directing as K’Dee is.” ~ Tori Ritchie, CEO, Tuesday Recipe

Check out Tori’s website here and be sure to subscribe to her newsletter to get new recipes sent every Tuesday. You won’t be disappointed!

San Francisco Video Producer Hacks: Capturing High Quality on a Shoestring Budget

Guess what? Videos don’t have to cost a fortune. But in order to maintain a certain level of quality, they do require some planning.

Our founder and resident video producer takes you behind the scenes to share video production tips and tricks when needing to keep costs low but quality high. Today, we focus on how to capture high quality content on a shoestring budget.

But before we begin, let’s lay some ground rules. By “low budget” we don’t mean you hire a college kid with a camera. No offense to college kids with cameras, I used to be one myself. But that route typically doesn’t produce the type of high quality content I’m referring to.

By low budget, I mean anything below $5,000. And by high quality content, I mean corporate videos shot in the same vein as Tori’s website launch video. Want to learn the tricks? You can do so by reading this blog.

Spoiler Alert: there’s a bonus tip in that blog! Learn how Tori received over 2,000 views within the first two weeks of posting her video.

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Website Launch Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Tori Ritchie and welcome to Tuesday Recipe. I started the site 10 years ago as a way to share the food that I love by sending out simple stylish recipes on Tuesdays. They’re all recipes that I create right here in my home kitchen, and that I write over there in my editorial department, and over there is my technology department where I maintain the site. Maybe that’s where I went wrong.

You see, I built the site using this special software to make it all pretty and stuff. And it worked for a while. And then at the end of last year, it went, then my loyal subscribers started emailing me, saying things like, “Help, I need the recipe for the minestrone and I can’t find it online,” or, “My daughter’s coming home from college and she’s got to have the chicken with the beer and the onions,” or, “Where’s the Rocky Road I make for Christmas every year. I can’t find the recipe.”

And so I was emailing everybody individually and I realized I can’t possibly keep up with this. Thank goodness, my web designers were able to rebuild it from scratch and now the photos are much bigger and more beautiful. It’s totally mobile friendly, very easy to search, and most importantly, those hundreds of recipes in the archives, they’re all back online.

Tuesday Recipe has always been a labor of love for me. I don’t put advertising on it, there’re no sponsored posts, in fact, the only income I get from it really is psychic income and it’ll always be free to use, but if you’ve enjoyed the recipes through the years and you want to make a donation to the site, feel free to click on over there and drop something in the Tip Jar.

And in return, I’ll give you a little gift as a thank you. It’s something you’ve always needed and never knew. It’s a Rubber Husband. Yup. It’s a good old-fashioned jar opener, and I swear it is the one kitchen tool you will actually use. And the great news is it takes up no storage space, unlike real husbands.

So, thank you for helping me get back to the things that I do the best, going to the market every day for inspiration, drawing on my years of experience teaching cooking classes and writing cookbooks, and creating recipes for everything from breakfast to dessert that you can use every day in your kitchen, because that’s the great thing about Tuesday Recipes, you can even make them on Wednesdays.

Website Launch Video Produced for Tuesday Recipe by Video Production Company Patina Pictures