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Brand Video Western U

Type: Brand Video

Role: Producer, Director, Production Company

About the Brand Video

During an annual event, Western U brought Patina Pictures onto campus to conduct a day of interviews in which to create this brand video, as well as several others. Each subject was given a set of questions and from set up to break down, each interview took approximately an hour.

We then used b-roll and still imagery captured by the university’s media department to provide the visuals.

Events are a great time to capture soundbites because most of your subjects are all under one roof. For this brand video we had the pleasure of shooting on a campus with multiple different backdrops, but if your location doesn’t afford that luxury, then a backdrop might be necessary (see below.)

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During AppDirect’s Engage conference, which was shot at a hotel in San Francisco, we opted to film against a white seamless. Each person was given approximately 10 questions; each interview took about 30 minutes. In the end, we walked away with a slew of soundbites that were then cut into eight 90 second videos.

What’s Needed

With this type of testimonial, the footprint is fairly contained. The only equipment you’ll need is the below:

To learn more about best practices when filming these type of testimonials, check out our blog: Small Foot Print, Big Value.

About the Video Production Company

Patina Pictures is a creative video production company servicing today’s most prominent corporations and technology startups. We’re more than just a service company, we think strategically on behalf of your brand. We become a valuable extension to your marketing team. And we do this at non-agency prices, which is why 95% of our clients are repeat clientele.

Brand Video Transcript

Dean C:

Our students are entering an era of medical practice that’s unlike any other.

Dean B:

This current student generation is not about paper and pencil. They’re about technology and innovation.

Dean C:

The innovation center allows them to take advantage of all the knowledge and all of the emerging technologies to really optimize the care they are able to provide.

Mr. W:

Healthcare is the subject of massive disruption. Literally, everything that we used to know about healthcare is changing. I think the Center for Innovation is really dedicated to understanding this moving target, try to find the latest innovations and technologies that we can bring to the marketplace that will allow us to have an incredible impact on the quality of life for patients.

Mr. A:

The Center for Innovation is an exciting place for our students, to give them the expertise to becoming innovators.

Ms. F:

Not everybody realizes that they’re actually very creative and that they are innovators. So, we’re here to provide education and inspiration, to let them know that they can be innovators. And then, for students who already have a great idea, or even faculty, alumni, and staff. If you already have a great idea, but just don’t know how to get it into market, come in and we’re going to provide the resources so that you can create your prototype and get a partner to help invest in your idea.

Mr. W:

So, the center really is about entrepreneurship and interpreneurship. It’s about driving the collaborative culture of innovation, to take an idea and to move it through an innovation pipeline. So, ultimately, it can be commercialized, because we know that if we can’t monetize an innovation, it’s not likely that we’re ever going to be able to impact care.

Mr. A:

The Center for Innovation provides a huge range of resources ranging from Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D modeling, drones, in order to provide our innovators tools.

Ms. F:

In some cases, the startup lab will allow you to get the resources that you need to protect your idea through a patent or through some legal advice.

Ms. K:

So, our philosophy is very student-centric. If a student needs help with an idea, it’s an open door policy. So, just come on in. We’ll help you out.

Dean B:

The Center for Innovation has reignited an excitement around campus. Our students get to submit ideas. Our faculty gets to submit ideas. And then, we are hosting different events to actually put a framework around some of these ideas.

Mr. W:

When Dr. Wilson first came up with the idea of building a Center for Innovation at Western U, he told me that what was important to him is to create a collaborative environment.

Ms. F:

We are striving to bring together education, health systems and industry so that we can create an epicenter of innovation in our area.

Mr. W:

We were really constructed with one principle, and that guiding principle was trying to find a way to have an impact in patient care to improve the quality and the efficacy of clinical value.

Dean F:

We look around Western U and we look at the number of innovative approaches that people have, having a Center for Innovation that can help turn those into reality is critical to the success going forward.

Dr. W:

We focus on innovation to lead the change, rather than react to it. But, perhaps, more important, the Center for Innovation can also have huge impact on how we teach our students. We have to teach our students in the most innovative ways so that they have the most adaptable minds throughout the rest of their careers.

Dean B:

Were we are a great university before? Yes. And now, we’re going to a greater level, through innovation and technology. Keeping the human side of it, I think we can really go to the 21st century.

Brand Video Produced for Western U by Video Production Company Patina Pictures