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Client Testimonial Dudek & Microsoft

Type: Corporate Client Testimonial

Role: Producer, Director, Writer, Production Company

About the Client Testimonial Video

This client testimonial video was created as a keynote opener for Microsoft’s Digital Transformation Academy’s 2019 event.

Dudek is an environmental consulting firm dedicated to improving communities’ infrastructure and natural resources. We traveled to their Hawaii office where their team of engineers use drone technology to help first responders scout the destruction occurring after natural disasters.

We knew we wanted to begin our story with an emotional teaser that immediately set up the type of natural disasters, environment, and stakes Dudek’s team faced when on the job. Adding in a teaser of news clips at the beginning was a way where we could immediately set the stage for our story. But news clips can be expensive to license, not to mention a timely process to track down. So for this corporate client testimonial video, we created our own by using a series of stock footage, animated titles, VO talent and sound design.

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We employed a similar method of content creation with another client who wanted to showcase his ability in front of the camera. Vitaly was a well known speaker in the Silicon Valley, but he wanted to sell himself to news producers as a guest expert. But without previous news clips to pull from we decided to create our own using a green screen, animation, and an actor to play the interviewer. You can learn more about that process by reading our blog: A Script that Makes You Think.

About the Video Production Company

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Client Testimonial Video Transcript

Newscaster #1:

This is the state of emergency still unfolding in Hawaii.

Newscaster #2:

This morning as Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted, sending scorching molten lava flowing through neighborhood streets.


I’m born and raised on Oahu and over the years of living here, we’ve had our share of natural disasters. We’re the first sets of eyes and ears, essentially, for those who will be making the decisions as to what needs to get done to mitigate this natural disaster.


So when Dudek is responding to an emergency, we don’t have the luxury of time to take the data back and take two or three days to process it. We need to get it back into the hands of the emergency responders as quickly as possible so they can help those in need.


Any company can get out, do an assessment of damage on a facility. The high value for our clients is actually what we do with that data afterwards.


Prior to Workspot on Azure, we were running these image processing jobs on the workstation, and these jobs could take three, four or five days to process. We were winning work faster than we could process the job so we actually had to throttle back.


Some of the processes will fail for some reason. Before it would take us 24 hours before we could see the result to see that it failed and then have to restart.


So now with Workspot on Azure, we were able to process the jobs that have been taking three, four, five days down to processing multiple jobs in one day. The technology has shifted from being the bottleneck to being the enabler and, in fact, is now our competitive advantage.


For example, with Hurricane Dorian that’s going on right now, we got a call yesterday to be in South Carolina on Sunday.

Newscaster #3:

Mandatory evacuations now in full swing. From Florida to the outer banks of the Carolinas, more than a million people have already been ordered to leave.


So we have teams that are located all over the United States. They’ll do the flight upload that day or, that night, then by Monday, they’ll have a full assessment of any damage that was done to the site.


Using the Azure Workspot Environment, it’s really interesting that I can be using a small computer but I’m actually running four or five or six Workspot workstations all at the same time. And so, again, you might see me sitting there on a Surface Go and think, “Well, that’s a really small computer for what you’re doing.” It’s not what I’m using. I’m using this entire Azure Environment.


We used to have to spec out these high end mobile workstations. Now, we’re able to go with a more cost effective device, a solid piece of hardware, something like the Surface Go. We’re able to be more flexible. We’re able to issue this device and that’s their window into the Workspot VM.


The business has probably done a three to four time growth in the last two to three years, but the office staff has stayed the same. The only way we’re able to do that is we have one person working on six different Workspot workstations.


Compared to our on-prem VDI, our engineers are much more productive, they’re able to just get in, get their job done, and not worry about the technology working.

Client Testimonial Produced for Microsoft by Video Production Company Patina Pictures