Everyday Mermaid Book Trailer: Christina Isobel from patinapictures on Vimeo.

Everyday Mermaid Book Trailer

Type: Promotional Video, Book Trailer, Author's Sizzle

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Creative writing has always been at the heart of our business. So although producing a book trailer isn’t typically what we’re known for, we jump on any opportunity to highlight an author’s work because we are authors ourselves.

We couldn’t be more proud to create a promotional video for author and poet, Christina Isobel, and her art and poetry collaboration, Everyday Mermaid. We’re especially proud of Christina’s continued bravery as she puts her words to the page, her self on the screen, and embarks on the journey toward publishing.

A Note from our Founder: “Someday I’ll be producing my own book trailer.”

Writing has always been part of my job. As a film producer in Los Angeles, if I wasn’t playing therapist to the creatives, or entertaining potential investors, you’d find me in front of my computer writing business plans, motivational emails, grant proposals, strategic blog posts, script notes; sometimes all at once. When I moved to San Francisco and started working as a Bay Area video producer, I added copywriting to my repertoire, spending time crafting and molding the right dialogue, interview questions, and scripts for my corporate clients.

I eventually dedicated my nights and weekends to attain an MFA in Nonfiction Creative Writing from University of San Francisco and I’m thrilled to announce that I not only have another tassel tacked to my cork board, but I also have a full length memoirs in the works.

To read an excerpt, please check out my essay, “River of Life: Remembering the Work of Judi Miller” in the Catamaran Literary Spring 2014 Edition. Look out for the full book – and book trailer produced by Patina Pictures – in 2022.

And to all the authors out there– keep those butts in the chairs. Until you’re ready. Then come our way and I’ll be happy to help you create your book trailer.

About our Video Production Company

Patina Pictures is a creative video production company that primarily services corporations and technology startups. But if you’re a solo entrepreneur in need of a product demo, a professional speaker in needs of a speaker reel, or an author that needs a book trailer– give us a call. We love working one-on-one with passionate souls who are doing the brave work.

Book Trailer Video Transcript

Older I am. As I sit in the bathtub to sleep, I’m done, no rest. For now, I start to stand, pull myself up by the spigot. But remember my wounded hip. I turn around, get on my hands and knees, legs together. Push through water, up. I emerge a mermaid on my fins from a journey in the dark sea.

This first poem showed up one January night in the bathtub. Others soon followed while sleeping, driving, looking out a window. My poems dove deeply into ordinary experiences. Being there changed me, gave me my life, made me happy. I called up Deidre Scherer, a friend of mine who pioneered a stitched textile art form. She created the cover for When I’m an old Woman I shall Wear Purple.

My lyrics were visual stories. Her cloth counter pointed the poems, embodying their colors, textures, dreams. A hummingbird whirs out of the nasturtium. All Week. The night sky has hinted at red lavender. Sitting here with my four pumpkins, watching the fog or’take the ridge.

This book Everyday Mermaid is a unique sensuous art and poetry collaboration. The size of the book can be reduced to make it more intimate. This book can easily be constructed as an accordion, making it even more interactive. We start the book with A Winter’s Night. Proceed to Spring, Summer, Moving into Fall.

Everyday Mermaid speaks to women and men who yearn for a more primal connection with the earth and their lives. I know I have yearned for this. Writing these poems helped me discover the joy in everyday ordinary experiences. We hope by sharing this book, others will feel this joy too.

Book Trailer Produced for Christina Isobel by Video Production Company Patina Pictures