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Sep '16 | Introducing Bay Area Video Producer Sophie Gunther!

Patina Pictures welcomes Associate Bay Area Video Producer Sophie Gunther to the team!

We’re thrilled to have Sophie join our video production team as we take strides toward a new chapter in our business. After spending ten years primarily producing films in both New York and Los Angeles, I relocated the company to the Bay Area in 2012 to diversify its client base and, to put it bluntly, make some flippin’ money. Now, after three years as a Bay Area video producer, helping a wide range of corporate clients tell their unique story, I’m looking toward 2017 as the year in which I’m going to make a small, yet significant, change.

I’m going to ask for help.

In 2017, as I discover new opportunities within the corporate sector while continuing to nurture the growth of my current video clientele, Sophie will help me do so in a way that still allows time for me to pursue my own creative aspirations.

Yes, my friends, that’s right. 2017 will be the year in which I push this book into the world. But not before desperately waving my hands in the air and asking for some much needed help.

Introducing Sophie Gunther…

Sophie Gunther is a native San Franciscan and long-time lover of the performing and media arts. After realizing the extent to which this interest permeated her education, taking film and theater courses in school whenever she could, she pursued a film career after graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in World Arts and Cultures. She has worked at various film festivals throughout the Bay Area and continues to work on film sets to expand her experience and knowledge of the craft.

Look out for Sophie as she shares helpful tips and tricks on our blog – (anyone producing a customer testimonial video needs to check out her latest post!) and streamlines all of our processes from office management to production logistics to business development.

Yes, look out for Sophie, as she generally makes my live (and yours, just you watch) a much friendlier place.

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K'Dee Miller is the Founder & Creative Director of Patina Pictures.

Her feature films have premiered at Sundance Film Festival, AFI Fest, Newport Beach Film Festival, among others. Her corporate video clients span from technology companies such as Microsoft, RingCentral, DocuSign and Adobe, to Bay Area nonprofits such as Team4Tech and Hamilton Families.

She's studied her industry from every angle, receiving production training from The Juilliard School, an MFA of Writing from University of San Francisco, and a BFA of Acting from Marymount Manhattan College.

She is currently in the process of writing a memoir about growing up in the wilderness of Alaska.