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The Art of Getting a Great Interview

Regardless of video style, all great testimonials have three things in common. Their subjects are sincere, personable, and succinct. Over the years, we’ve honed our interview strategy to ensure we capture all three.

Preparation leads to sincerity.

But we’re not talking scripted soundbites, that’s the opposite of sincere! We’re talking about the preparation we do on our end. If we do our research we can engage in an informal discussion, thus allowing the soundbites to come off as sincere and conversational.

Create a fun, casual tone.

How you say it is just as important as what you say. Creating the right environment in the interview room can affect body language, eye gaze, and voice inflection– all of which play into whether or not a soundbite hits its mark.

Carving out the narrative is an art form.

And it’s an art form we take very seriously! Because delivering a variety of succinct soundbites doesn’t happen naturally, it happens in the editing room. And we’ve learned a lot of tricks along the way to ensure even the most nervous of subjects will come off sounding confident and well spoken.

Testimonial Styles

First we find the right narrative approach,
then we capture fantastic soundbites.

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On Site Customer Testimonial

Filmed at the customer’s place of business, this testimonial is a mix of b-roll and interviews and often requires travel.

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Group Testimonial

Great for showcasing company culture, this style of testimonial tells a group narrative rather than an individual standpoint.

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Conversational Testimonial

A conversation between customer, the person presenting the problem, and corporate spokesperson, who provides a solution.

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A 360 Testimonial

Featuring a variety of settings, this testimonial is a conversation between multiple players: the customer, partners, employees, and experts.

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Remote Shoot Testimonial

If you can’t travel to your customer, we have a solution for that. This customer testimonial was shot 100% remote.

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Off-the-Cuff Testimonials

Often called man-on-the-street interviews and captured at live events, these soundbites add energy and authenticity to any narrative.

Different narrative styles involve different production logistics, and thus affects budget.
Find out which fit works best for your company by contacting us or read the below customer success stories.

Success at any budget

  • Low

    Testimonial on White

    One location, multiple speakers. Capture these speakers during your user conference and the only downside will be the amount of great soundbites you'll have to sort through!
  • Medium

    On Site Testimonial

    Have cameras, will travel! These on site testimonials often involve travel cost, but to see how the customer has incorporated your service or product into their own environment is worth the hassle.
  • High

    A 360 Testimonial

    This style involves several locations and production days, but there's no better way of selling a product than having it come to life through a variety of different lenses. And here's a pro tip – often times this style leads to a series, not just one testimonial.