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Jun '22 | How to Do Remote Filming

We’ve learned and adapted a lot over these last two years. Check out this video to learn more about our remote video offerings.

5 Tips To Improve Home Office Video Production - Patina Pictures

May '20 | 5 Tips to Improve Your Home Office Video Backdrop

Over these last few months we’ve been honored to virtually step into our clients’ living room, garage, closet-turned-home-office, to help make home offices more production for self-tapes and remote capture of video. No one minded the optics– health, safety, and... Read More

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Mar '18 | A Video Script That Makes You Act

It’s all about teasing your audience. Ever watch a movie trailer and think – they just showed me the entire movie! Now, that is an example of what not to do when selling an experience. When selling an experiential product, such... Read More