Product Video Production

Creative Discovery is Our Jam

Whereas some production companies require a video spec or script before starting, at Patina Pictures we specialize in guiding clients through the entire creative process, from ideation to delivery.

First, we focus on defining the story.

What do you want your viewers to think, to feel, and to do? Thinking comes from the narrative, and in a two minute video we typically hone our informational takeaways down to three major bullet points.

Feelings are inspired by imagery, so if you’re looking to excite and motivate, we’ll capture the right imagery for that.

To do – well, that’s your call to action. Where do you ultimately want your viewer to end up? Once we define that, we’ll make sure every story element and stylistic choice points squarely in that direction.

Then, we choose a video format.

And because there are so many different formats to choose from, we typically start with a few inspirational examples. So whether you’re promoting a person or a piece of software, we’ll help you choose the right format to fit your specific story.

Video Formats

Here are six examples to get
the conversation started.

Bay Area Production Company

Selling a Product

Shot in a studio against black, this video game product came to life by using a variety of camera angles, quick edits, and 3D text animation.

Bay Area Production Company

Selling a Brand

Using a mix of stock footage and imagery filmed at previous events, this brand story came to life with the help of a talented voice over artist.

Bay Area Production Company

Selling a Service

Using city b-roll and text pops, this social video was created to promote a service now available in San Francisco.

Bay Area Production Company

Selling Software

If the product can’t easily be told through narrative, animation can be used to simply the storytelling and distill complex matters.

Bay Area Production Company

Selling a Person

For this speaker reel we created a series of animated assets to provide narrative variety and augment the lack of event footage.

Bay Area Production Company

Selling a Book

This book came to life by using a mix of performance, stills, steadicam b-roll, and an author interview.

No matter what you’re selling, we’ll guide you through every step of the creative process.
Don’t know what those steps are? No problem! Check out a list of our services here.

Let's Talk Story!

  • The "Think" Approach

    Speaker Reel

    Providing information was the main point of this video. We wanted Vitaly's audience to walk away knowing that he was not only a keynote speaker, he was an author and a media correspondent.
  • The "Feel" Approach

    Brand Story

    Instead of focusing on informational takeaways, we focused on imagery. Because after watching this video, we wanted our audience to be inspired, motivated, and to feel like they were on the cusp of making history.
  • The "Do" Approach

    Product Video

    Sometimes you don't need your audience to think or feel anything except – I need that product now! That's what we like to call the "do" approach. We tease them with just enough information and imagery that the audience walks away needing more.