Speaker Reel Video Production

Hello Professional Speaker, We’ve Got You

Have footage and need an editor? Or a live event booked that you want filmed? Or do you need help creating footage to supplement your current reel? Whatever the case: We’ve got you.

But first we start with you: The Brand

Choosing the correct soundbites and crafting a narrative that’ll grow alongside you means we first get on the same page when it comes to who you are, and what you’re selling.

Phase #2: Scripting

Either we select soundbites that best reflect the discoveries made during our branding session, or if you’ve got gaps in your narrative or no footage at all, we write scripts that can be captured during production.

Phase #3: Production

We can show up to your event with cameras, or capture a simulated event or direct-to-camera address in a studio.

Phase #4: Post Production

We create and edit a reel that allows for easy updates because we know you’re always improving, and so is your footage.

Branding Fun

We begin by asking you a series of questions:

Bay Area Production Company

Emotional Qualities

Name three emotional qualities that you want your audience to feel after watching your reel?

Bay Area Production Company

Informational Takeaways

Name three things you want your audience to know after watching your speaker reel?

Bay Area Production Company


Who is your core audience? Is there a secondary audience worth targeting?

Bay Area Production Company


Where will this video live? How will it be shared? We’ll discuss the pros and cons to each platform.

Bay Area Production Company


Do you have audience quotes or other text that should show up on screen?

Bay Area Production Company


Do you have a book cover that needs showcasing, or other pictures of you at events?

Are you hesitant as to whether or not you’ve got enough media clips to begin this process?
Reach out anyway. We’re happy to take an informational session and give you suggestions on when and how best to start.

Speaker Reel Highlight

Are you wanting to sell yourself to a new audience but don’t yet have the footage? Ever heard of the saying: We’ll fix it in post? See how Patina Pictures used green screen and post production magic to help this professional speaker create news worthy clips that captured the Networks attention.

Learn more by reading this blog.

Success at any budget

  • Low

    Self Taped Material

    One location, multiple speakers. Capture these speakers during your user conference and the only downside will be the amount of great soundbites you'll have to sort through!
  • Medium

    On Site Testimonial

    Have cameras, will travel! These on site testimonials often involve travel cost, but to see how the customer has incorporated your service or product into their own environment is worth the hassle.
  • High

    A 360 Testimonial

    This style involves several locations and production days, but there's no better way of selling a product than having it come to life through a variety of different lenses. And here's a pro tip – often times this style leads to a series, not just one testimonial.