Our Video Production Services

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A Customized Approach to Fit Every Budget

We specialize in full service corporate video production– from writing the script to sound editing and everything in between. But not every video requires full service treatment. Big or small, we start by creating a scope that fits your production needs.

We partner with your marketing team.

Whether you’re a field marketer in need of event video, a VP of Marketing interested in testimonials, or a founder needing a brand video, we collaborate with your organization and guide you through every step of the video creation process.

And when that process ends, that’s when the real partnership begins. In fact:

95% of our clients are repeat clientele.

Our clients come back, year after year. Because the service Patina offers continues to make sense – from a creative level, a product level, and a financial level.

At Patina, our sole mission is to create measurable value to you and your organization.


At a cost that just works.

Bay Area Production Company


  • Set video style
  • Create budget & timeline
  • Set measurable goals
Bay Area Production Company

Video Design

  • Write script or talking points
  • Storyboard visuals
  • Cast talent
Bay Area Production Company

Pre Production

  • Scout location
  • Contract with video crew
  • Manage all contracts & communications
Bay Area Production Company


  • Provide lights, camera, (& action!)
  • Art Direct set
  • Coach talent or conduct interviews
Bay Area Production Company

Post Production

  • Titling & animation
  • Music licensing & sound sweetening
  • Color grading
Bay Area Production Company

Analyze & Debrief

  • Gather data & debrief
  • Report on unused material
  • Archive footage for up to 10 years

Reach out for a free consultation and cost estimate,
or check out the below budgetary examples to get a sense of what’s possible.

Remote Video Production

Video Creation in this New World

Whether you have an upcoming virtual event, hybrid event, or are in need of video but your talent is now based around the world, remote video production might be the right choice for you. To learn more about our remote video production services, check out this blog.

Let's Talk Scope

  • Website Launch Video

    Low Budget

    Low budget does not mean low quality. It does, however, mean getting savvy in the scoping process and finding creative (yet affordable) ways to add production value.
  • Keynote Opener

    Medium Budget

    When you're filming at Tesla, in a Tesla– now that's production value! With a modest crew and one day of filming, we were able to deliver a keynote opener as well as a social media video.
  • Event Video Services

    High Budget

    An event is a huge investment, so might as well yield the highest return. Check out these tips that help you ensure you're getting the most out of your event's video strategy.