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It’s Got Patina

A Note from the Founder

I named Patina Pictures after something my first film investor said. “It’s got patina,” he said about the first screenplay we produced. Translation:

It’s got character, soul, even a little grit.

Today, Patina Pictures strives to find the patina within every story. Because we believe people don’t follow talking points. They follow personalities. They don’t embrace companies. They embrace company values. And they’re not scared of imperfection. Rather, people are curious when you take them behind the scenes.

And if you’re a non-actor or a camera shy CTO how do you find the patina then? No problem, I’ve got you covered. Getting great performances and soundbites, even out of the most nervous subjects –

This is what Patina is known for.

And how do I do it? Let’s just say I’ve studied this craft from every single angle, and have gathered a few tricks along the way.

Clients feel special, because they are.

Little known fact: I grew up in Alaska working the family’s fly fishing business 80 miles from civilization. From a young age I was taught to treat every client like family and because of that, clients returned, year after year.

When I started Patina Pictures 10 years ago, I too wanted to offer a specialized experience people would remember. That’s why Patina’s mission is simple: to create value for our clients during each stage of the production process. And we do that by applying the below:

Be Curious

Throughout the strategy and discovery process, I strive to get to know your business so well that what keeps you up at night, will keep me up at night.

  • Downside: You’ll likely get an email from me at 3am.
  • Upside: I can craft all talking points, freeing you up to do more important things.

Be Adventurous

I didn’t grow up with electricity, let alone a TV; my imagination was my play toy. Thinking “outside of the box” during the production process comes so naturally I don’t even know I’m doing it.

  • Downside: Brace yourself for some off the wall ideas. (Innovative ideas, as I like to call them.)
  • Upside: I’m not afraid to disrupt the script or the scope. Whatever it takes to get it right.

Be Practical

I understand how business works. I understand if I don’t deliver on what I’ve promised, I won’t get a second chance. All throughout the post production process I’ll strive to make decisions on your behalf, because it’s less about creating a project and more about creating a partnership.

  • Downside: You might catch me wearing a fanny pack while on set.
  • Upside: When I say on time and on budget, I actually mean it.

Customer Success Stories

  • Be Curious


    We thought we were producing a tutorial, but Patina asked so many questions throughout the discovery process that we inspired a company rebrand. The result was a much glossier, higher level, company introduction video.
  • Be Adventurous


    Sometimes you have to see what doesn't work before you know what works. During a series of adventurous test shoots Patina discovered the shooting style, thus eliminating guess work during production.
  • Be Practical


    We're always practical during the budget process because it not only creates a stronger alliance with the client, but it also allows for a second project. Learn how we were extra savvy with funds while creating this dramatic brand video.