Why Patina

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It’s About a Partnership, Not a Project

We get it, creating video is an investment of time and resources. It can also be a risky endeavor with many moving parts and a process that isn’t black and white.

That’s why finding a video partner that takes time to know the under pinnings of your business is imperative to your video’s success.

Because when things happen last minute– the talking points change, an expert switches his interview, a logo needs to be cut from the video an hour before show time – you want a partner that can make informed decisions in realtime. You want someone who takes your job just as seriously as you do.

If our clients look good, we look good.

At Patina Pictures, we make it our mission to create value every step of the way. Because we believe we’re not just in the business of creating videos. We’re a Creative Video Service, and we take the meaning of service to a whole new level.

Which is why 95% of our clients return. Not just because of the quality, or the fact that our model makes financial sense, but because we continue to deliver an exceptional experience.

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Creative Expert

With over 15 years of experience, we not only know the creative process, we know how to communicate it to a room of engineers.

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Marketing Strategist

We learn your marketing and sales strategy so well that by the time cameras roll, everyone thinks we’re just part of your team.

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The Patina Charm

We’re known for getting good performances and soundbites out of customers, even out of the most nervous of subjects.

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Scalable Cost Structure

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality videos at a cost that makes sense. Which is why 95% of our clients continue to come back.

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Flexible Creative Process

We know scopes change last minute. In fact, we’ve written an entire blog on how pivoting is a necessary part of the creative process.

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Start Up Mentality

We work hard, we play hard, we know how to apply both to the creative process, while finding solutions to complicated communication issues.

How We Create Value

  • During Scripting


    We thought we were producing a tutorial, but Patina asked so many questions throughout scripting we inspired a company rebrand. The result was a much glossier, higher level, company introduction video.
  • During Production


    Patina got so many great soundbites we decided to switch strategies midway through production, ultimately delivering two videos instead of one.
  • During Post


    Patina's archival process is so organized that when RocketSpace has video needs that don't allow for production, we can easily create something new using only archival footage.