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bay area video producer

Sep '16 | Introducing Bay Area Video Producer Sophie Gunther!

Patina Pictures welcomes Associate Bay Area Video Producer Sophie Gunther to the team! We’re thrilled to have Sophie join our video production team as we take strides toward a new chapter in our business. After spending ten years primarily producing films... Read More

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Jun '16 | Storytelling From Within

Over the last year, so many people have commented on my new brand and website, and for that I have to give a great big shout out to my team of experts: Marketing & Logo Genius’s Prim’d Marketing, Designer Sharon... Read More

san fran video producer

Dec '15 | 48,611 Instagram Posts Per Minute

Thanks to CrowdFlower, San Francisco Video Producer Learns #RichData Okay: besides travel and getting to work with a lot of smart, engaging people, picking up interesting information that I can share at cocktail parties is another perk to being a... Read More

corporate video

Dec '15 | Are They Ready For Their Close Up?

You’re a marketing executive in charge of your company’s corporate video shoot and you’re studying the budget, scanning line items in the pre-production, production, and post production sections, trying to find items that can be cut so that you can bring the... Read More