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Jan '21 | Create High Quality Videos from Home

Covid has all of us learning new ways of doing things – Video Production included.  Learn how Patina Pictures has pivoted to offer clients a safe alternative when needing to capture video content from home. We’ve produced over a hundred... Read More

5 Tips To Improve Home Office Video Production - Patina Pictures

May '20 | 5 Tips to Improve Your Home Office Video Backdrop

Over these last few months we’ve been honored to virtually step into our clients’ living room, garage, closet-turned-home-office, to help make home offices more production for self-tapes and remote capture of video. No one minded the optics– health, safety, and... Read More

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Mar '18 | A Video Script That Makes You Act

It’s all about teasing your audience. Ever watch a movie trailer and think – they just showed me the entire movie! Now, that is an example of what not to do when selling an experience. When selling an experiential product, such... Read More

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Mar '18 | A Video Script That Makes You Feel

At Patina, we start every creative process by defining three things. What do you want your viewers to think, to feel, and to do? Thinking comes from the narrative, and in a two minute video we typically hone our informational takeaways... Read More